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About me

Hello, I am Liz!


Nickname Busy Lizzy; Always on the go, working, cooking, baking, running, swimming, painting, sewing, dancing, reading, talking and so on. Life is beautiful and there are so many interesting things to learn and to create!

Married to my holiday sweetheart, we live in Cyprus with our 3 children and many cats. 

Me and my food blog happened as follows; when I moved to Cyprus I could not cook at all, not even boil an egg! This was not considered important from where I came from, but for Cypriot standards it was very important. So I started out by visiting my mother in law on a regular basis and with the help and patience of her, Mrs. Amalia, I learned how to cook. Mrs Amalia has left this world for a few years now and no day passes without thinking about her and one of the many reasons is because I still use her recipes. Many times we speak about her and how well she could cook, especially the younger generation mentions that they miss her sweets and meals which she prepared with love. Here is where the blog idea was born and I started to collect the recipes and write this blog as a start, and who knows later it may become a book.

Mrs Amalia was a simple woman, she took care of her family, her home, the food and she loved Jesus. She lived traditionally, then again she liked to keep up with the new trends, per example, like going to extra large supermarkets and to the shops for clothes and new kitchen appliances and on the other side she liked to visit the market every Saturday and shop in the old way; bargaining!! 

In her recipes she did not use grams, but cups or worse, a little from this and a little from that! Such cooking experience I did not have and coming from Amsterdam, used to measure in grams, I diverted all recipes into grams.

I have very nice memories, we had good times together, chit chatting about all kind of things, but in the end  we  always turned to our favorite subjects; food, sweets and Jesus.

Blogging is easier said than done as I found out on the way,  but still the whole procedure is great fun, cooking, taking pictures, montage and writing the blog. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did and that your meals will be successful so that you can taste the delicious food of Mrs. Amalia.


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