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Black Angus Steak

Updated: Jan 14

Now this is what you call Steak!! When love for good quality food runs in the family then you get this kind of photos of a steak from your son! Of course we make a post of this mouth watering juicy steak!

Grilled Back Angus steak

Most of the time we go to a restaurant to eat steak and we wonder why can't we make a steak like that.. It is not that difficult, very important is the quality of the meat and the relatively short cooking time. My son makes his steaks on a gas grill fire. I make my own steaks in a frying pan and then I finish them off in the oven. He adds a generous amount of love!

What you will need for the steaks:

  • Black Angus Ribeye steak (300-400 gr) per person or,

  • Black Angus Bone in ribeye steak (500-800 gr) per person,

  • salt,

  • pepper,

  • steak mix (optional),

  • minced fresh garlic (optional),

  • olive oil or rosemary oil or garlic oil.

What you will need for the veggies:

  • gourgets, cut in thick slices,

  • aubergines, cut in thick slices,

  • baby carrots, whole,

  • red chilly pepper cut in small rings,

  • yellow chilly pepper cut in small rings,

  • portobello mushrooms, whole or cut in halves,,

  • red sweet peppers, cut in thick slices,

  • salt,

  • pepper,

  • oregano,

  • thyme,

  • olive oil.


Season the steaks with all spices at least 1 hour before grilling,

cut all veggies in the desired size in a big bowl, add the spices and toss around.


Pre-heat the grill to 300 degrees C.

Add veggies to a grilling skillet and cook them until hot, you can put the gourget and aubergine slices directly on the grill but do care not to burn them.

After 5 minutes, place the steaks on the hot grill,

And at this time you take that cold beer!

Cook the steaks on both sides well (watch out that there is no direct flame on the steaks!)

Depending on cooking likeness you can check the internal temperature for the following doneness of the steaks:

50 degrees C = rare

55 degrees C = medium rare

60 degrees C = medium

65 degrees C = well done

Once the steaks are done to your likeness you can add some fresh rosemary leaves and butter on top and leave the steaks to rest for 5 minutes.

Serve with the grilled veggies and simply enjoy!!

Prepare your steaks as above and then bake them in the frying pan. Pre-heat oven to 175 degrees C. Bake the steaks in some hot oil in the frying pan, brown well on both sides. Transfer the steaks to an oven dish and place in the hot oven. Bake for another 10 - 15 minutes, depending on the cooking likeness, rare, medium rare, medium or well done. That simple!


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