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Swirls in carob syrup - Koullourouthkia me charoupomelo

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

koulourouthkia on small plates on serving tray

These Swirls in carob syrup are so delicious, I wonder why I don't make them more often! A real comfort food, cooked soft dough in sticky carob syrup, dark ruby color, sweet taste and above all comforting warm!! They are very simple to make with just flour, water, a little oil and salt and it is unbelievable good, one of my favorites anyway. Healthy too! Low salt, low fat, high in calcium, high in fiber.

Some background information.

The syrup is made by boiling carob pods in a large bronze container with water for around four hours. The pulp is then strained to leave the resulting golden-black syrup. The carob tree is an indigenous species of the island, cultivated for four thousand years. Once the island’s major export, the carob pods or ‘black gold’, were prized for their versatility, high nutritional value and hardiness that allowed them to be stored and transported across long distances. Delicious, sticky carob syrup may taste like it belongs in the dessert-section, but it is actually an extremely nutritious product made with locally grown carob pods that can be enjoyed in place of honey and other sweeteners. Carob syrup is perfect for drizzling on yogurt or fresh Anari cheese for a healthy but sweet snack. It can also be used in baked goods, salad dressings, marinades and sauces in place of honey or sugar. Traditionally, a carob toffee known as ‘Pastelli’ is made with the syrup.. Many other products are produced from carobs, including carob flour and chocolate.




  • 250 gr village flour good quality

  • 1 table spoon oil

  • pinch of salt

  • water as much as needed to make a soft dough, about 175 ml.

  • 125 ml good quality carob syrup

This recipe makes about 60-65 swirls.



ready dough

Add the flour to a large bowl, add the salt and the oil. Add water as much needed to make a smooth and soft dough. The crucial point is to be a soft dough, it just does not stick on the hands. The softer the dough, the softer the swirls.

dough rests in clingfilm

Wrap the dough in some clingfilm and lay it aside to rest for at least half an hour.

rolled out piece of dough

Cut the dough in half and roll one piece out with a rolling pin, it is not important how it looks. Do not use any flour on the worktop at this and the next 3 steps otherwise the swirls won't stick and the swirl will fall apart.

ready strips of dough

Cut the spread out dough in strips.

This is a trick that I learned from a friend, she is an excellent chef. This and the above stage is optional, but it is recommended because it is a much faster way to make the swirls.

form swirl

Take one strip and roll it with both hands until it is thin and about 30 cm long.

Form a circle with one edge, press the edge where it comes together.

swirl close up

Take the other edge and curl it around the circle on the other end, press the end lightly. First swirl is done. Place them on baking paper. Traditionaly they are placed on a "Tsesto" a large and wide cane basket, actually they were thrown on it, so skillful was the older generation!!

65 swirls on baking paper

65 swirls are ready to be cooked.

They can be frozen at this point.

The swirls then can be prepared from frozen, no need to be thawed.

boil swirls like pasta

In a large cooking pot add plenty of water, as soon as the water boils add all the swirls, bring back to the boil and cook on medium to high heat for 25 minutes. (Boil like pasta).

transfer swirls to a smaller pot

With a skimmer transfer the ready cooked swirls to a smaller casserole. Add some cooking juice.

add carob syrup to the swirls

Add the carob syrup ( grape syrup can also be used)

swirls in pot with carob syrup and cooking juice

Bring back to the boil and simmer for another 5-10 minutes. The carob syrup needs to thicken.

Swirls are ready, they took on a nice dark ruby color, this is what I call comfort food! The soft swirls in the thick carob syrup with its sweet distinctive smell and taste, delicious!

ready swirls


Enjoy - Καλή όρεξη!

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